What we do?


INTERCOM has been working with the International Herald Tribune since 2004, and has produced a long list of reports for numerous countries.


INTERCOM provides a full spectrum of in-depth coverage of worldwide affairs through extensive research. We research by living in the country or region of focus, where we conduct interviews with top government officials and key business leaders. We, in effect, are one of the very people who find themselves in a foreign land, trying to make a home, even if only a temporary one. Our goal is to influence public opinion, generate awareness, and provide current, thought-provoking content for the readers of the International Herald Tribune. Our successful, well-informed reports are a direct result of the time and commitment that INTERCOM invests in the first-hand research and gathering of information: from government policies and economic analysis, to a comprehensive focus on issues and industries, both established and up-and-coming.


INTERCOM is an independent agency that is solely responsible for the production of these reports. INTERCOM, with its full control over timing and editorial content of each report, prides itself in its working with each of its clients to ensure that the correct and desired message is conveyed to the influential readers of the International Herald Tribune.







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