INTERCOM is an independent communications agency dedicated to raising the knowledge and curiosity of the world’s most dynamic, emerging markets through the production of country, regional, and sector-based reports.


Through an agreement with the International Herald Tribune, INTERCOM reaches the hands of the most influential, sophisticated, and mobile people in the political, financial, and economic communities around the world. These are people who travel, have influence, are savvy, and know how to make a home in sometimes unfamiliar places. Since 2004, over 40 independent reports, from countries on 5 continents, have been published and distributed with this prestigious media company.


The International Herald Tribune, and consequently INTERCOM's special reports, is a mode in which a diverse, international, powerful, and intelligent audience can be reached around the world. By having a report with INTERCOM, you can reach a group of individuals who rely on the International Herald Tribune for keeping in touch with the world.







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